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How to Love where you are in Life!

Would you like to take delight in where you are, in your life journey? One saying that has definitely resonated with me over the years is "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain." When you can really love life and all the seasons it brings, you perceive the storms differently. To encourage this process I live by a series of beliefs which I will share with you here. 1) Truly believe "Mistakes are an opportunity for improvement". As a society we see mistakes as a bad thing, however making mistakes is crucial for learning. How does a baby learn to walk? By falling flat on their face or bum, observing others and trying again. Our job as humans is to keep learning and growing, and being better than we were individually & as a race yesterday. So when we can really change the subconscious belief that mistakes are bad, to "Mistakes are an opportunity for improvement" a weight will be lifted off your shoulders. We don't know, what we don't know! So sometimes we need to be told that something we do or have done is incorrect to be able to be aware & change it. Feedback is love. If someone takes the time to give you feedback, it means they give a damn enough to go out of their way and give you the feedback. *To change this belief I recommend writing it out nice & big, and having it up somewhere you read it multiple times a day, like the fridge or the bathroom mirror. 2) Believe "Your Challenges are on the way... not in the way!" (Dr Espen) Believe that what is happening in your life is brought your way for you, to grow & move through something you need to move through. We energetically attract things, events into our life to give us the opportunity to conquer something our spirit requires. So to help embrace this belief, asking yourself some questions about it... 3) Ask yourself... "What can I learn from this?" "Who do I need to be to get through this?" " What do I need to do for future me to be proud of." 4) Delight in Progress When you know where we want to end up, and have a plan of what you would like life to look like, it gives you clarity & direction. I do say this with caution however, we need to have a plan, without being unresourcefully attached to it. After all... "Attachment in the root of all suffering". Within this plan you need to have stepping stones to know you are progressing. Taking the time to pause, and acknowledge the progress you have made, is encouraging and helps to keep you on track. My clients always say how good it is to stop and take the time to acknowledge & celebrate their progress. It makes a difference to how you feel about yourself. 5) Last but not least.... HAVE FUN!! In this busy world, where our lives are full of the serious stuff, ensuring you give yourself time to kick back and have fun is important to balance the core human needs of certainty & uncertainty. It brings variety. After all ... "Variety is the spice of life!" Go on those mini adventures on the weekend, explore places you haven't explored before. I'm sure if you looked, your own city would have a ton of places you have never been. Do things to push your comfort zone & step out of the box, bring on different experiences & feelings to your body. I trust you have gained insights into how to really love where you are at.

Love Beth ;)

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