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Client Testimonials

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

May 2022

Beth provides a caring and professional coaching service. Beth is committed to providing a genuine high quality service. Beth guided me with transforming my life to be able to heal from past emotions and events. Beth also provided strategies to assist me to become a more empowered woman.

Beth's 90 day connection challenge was filled with great value and resources that allowed me to have greater awareness around connection to self and others. I highly recommend Beth's one on one service and group programs. 

(Danielle K)

June 2022

Beth is an extraordinary coach. She is professional, humble and knowledgeable. Beth is a master of her craft and has true passion to support her clients. She is an outstanding listener. Beth supported me, over 12 months, to become a better person, father and business owner.

Beth is an intelligent, empathic and caring human and it comes across in her attitude during our sessions. 

Beth deeply listens and ask the best questions. 

Thank you, Beth, for being who you are and your ongoing support. 

I highly recommend Beth's coaching services. 

(Shemi R)

March 2020

Beth has shifted my entire perspective on a highly sensitive childhood subject. After spending time with hr I have managed to develop and bring to a whole new level a relationship with my family, and my back doesn't hurt as it always did, because I dropped so much "weight = anger, judgement, misunderstanding" I was carrying on my shoulders. Feel very grateful and would highly recommend to be coached by her. 

(Arina F)

Feb 2021

I'm 19 and it is a wonderful experience to have a session with Beth. 

She read me like a book and she taught me how to read myself like a book as well. She helped me realise and name the emotions and their causes. 

I now have the confidence to go through life while loving EVERY SINGLE emotion that I will feel. 

If you're considering having a coach that can guide you through life, it's Beth you're looking for. 

(Clyde C)

Feb 2021

I can't recommend Beth and Alignment Coaching Services enough. Not only is she able to bring out the good in you but also the bad and I mean that in a great way. After many many unsuccessful attempts in the past to seek help for many past traumatic events, Beth was able to take me back to them, face them and leave them finally and forever, and for the first time ever with my chest out ready to move on with my head held high ...... finally.

It's changed my life in better and bigger ways. She's always been my go to for relationship advice and dramas in general in life. She has an authentic genuine caring soul and you can tell she legitimately carers for her clients wellbeing.

Thank you so much Beth. I finally have peace. 

(Glenn Ozzie L)

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